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Since my education to a real estate agent with a property developer in Sachsenheim in 1995 I occupy myself with the housing industry. The first stations of my career have been asset management, service charge statement and book keeping at a house administator in Bietigheim-Bissingen. In 1997 I changed towards a construction financing department of an insurance company in Stuttgart. During this time as a customer advisor in financing I graduated an education for the real estate expert (chamber of commerce).

Since my education to a real estate appraiser (WF) since 2004 I am working full time as real estate appraiser and created over 2.400 expertises around Sachsenheim. The collected experiences in the different fields of real estate and my close contact to realtors, energie consultant, committes of valuation experts and house administrators help me creating realistic real estate expertises. The permanent changing of the working environment also effects the field of property valuation. I regularly attend the necessary courses, seminars and real estate fairs. So in 2021 my personal certification was carried out by an ISO/IEC 17024 accredited body as an expert for real estate valuation. Finally, an update for the Sachsenheim real estate location. Rents and prices will continue to rise in the area. The reason is the Eichwald industrial park, where more and more well known large companies have been settling there since 2010. Investors and companies will create jobs for around 2.000 people there in two years (2021). This leads to an increased demand for living space in Sachsenheim and the surrounding communities.

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Real Estate Appraiser (ISO/IEC 17024 ZIS Sprengnetter ZERT S)

Michael Ischner

Alleenstraße 54

71732 Tamm

telephone: 07141/916268

mobile: 0173/8747104