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As assessor for realty in Ludwigsburg, Bietigheim-Bissingen and surroundings my expertises comply with the "Immobilienwertermittlungsverordnung (ImmoWertV)" and the "Baugesetzbuch". But what exactly does a rating entail? Together with the spectrum of data for the valuation, collected by the appraiser committee, you will receive a quality report. A complete expertise is prepared in a coverage and quality, that usually there are no questions left with private persons, public authorities and banks. For this purpose, a detailed inspection of the property takes place first. Hand tools such as lasers, infrared thermometers or humidity measuring devices are available for recording buildings. This is followed by an on site inspection and an examination of the house documents. These are key datas such as the land register, site plan, floor plans, calculation of living space or the energy performance cerificate. For an objective property valuation in line with the market, further parameters such as size, condition, construction, economic situation or location are included. In the process I not only care about the important aspect of a realistic and comprehensible assessment, but also the completion of the house records. As a real estate appraiser I very often have to recognice, that for the largest asset in a household, the real estate, there is often very few documentation available. In many cases the records have not been updated for years. As a service I update the documentation for you and collect them in a house folder as it is very common in England. In England the keeping of a house folder is mandatory. This folder includes for a example the expertise of the house or the apartment, the floor plan, the layout plan, cadastral register, rent contracts, living space calculation, building permit, pictures, mortgage contracts and so on. A step which provides you as customer with clarity. Contact me free of charge and without obligation.

Real Estate Appraiser (ISO/IEC 17024 ZIS Sprengnetter ZERT S)

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