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As a skilled ISO/IEC 17024 expert for real estate evaluation, I estimate the market value by the required methodes and appraisments according to the "Immobilienwertermittlungsverordnung (ImmoWertV) ". These are the cost approach, the income method and the comparative value method for apartments. In order to increase the accuracy, you always get at least two of these calculation methods in my expert opinions. The evaluation of real estate is made for different purposes such as acquisition, sale, inheritance or capital information. The range of services also includes the calculation of the living space by taking measurements on site as well as advice when handing over the apartment. An analysis facilitates the sale or purchase of property. As a member of the the committe of valuation experts of Tamm I know the real estate market of the region very well. One of the first question is often the question of the cost of real estate valuation. Usually i can say something to the fee if you describe the facts. In any case i can give you a range. Your mandate is a matter of trust for me.

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