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Dear property buyer,
dear property seller,

with more than 2400 made real estate valuations in the Stuttgart area my real estate agency possesses a detailed market overview, which includes almost all segments of the real estate industry. Nothing determines the price of a flat or a family home more than its location. The neccessary market studies for the property site "Stuttgart" have been done since 2004, collected and analysed in order to meet your expectations for your expertise concerning your future property in the most professional and individualised way. The distinct characteristics of the object are assessed competently and can be classified objectively using instruments such as the "Stuttgart" rent index or land market report. Due to this approach a clear and understandable expertise of your house or flat can be done. On application you can have an information from the price register according to the 195 (3) BauGB. Because of my long- time professional experience concerning real estate valuations and market studies in this area you will get a market- oriented expertise. Strengthen your negotiating position. Your advantages:

- independent and objecitve expertise
- professional and conformable to law expertise
- for property buyers check purchaise price, professional judgement of location, substance and equipment
- for property sellers support of object marketing- finding the price